XLNC1 was founded with the mission to make the world’s greatest music accessible to everyone. As the only station broadcasting uninterrupted beautiful music to the San Diego / Baja California region, XLNC1 has been developing a steady following of listeners since it first began streaming on the internet in 1998. XLNC1 began broadcasting on the radio at 90.7 FM on February 14, 2000 and in 2008, XLNC1 celebrated its 8th anniversary by moving to 104.9 FM to better serve its listeners.

Committed to broadcasting quality music to educate and engage listeners at all levels.

To provide a medium where the community can learn, enjoy, and connect with the best music of all time.

The XLNC1 (Excellency One) concept envisions a different kind of musical presentation. Broadcasting a wide variety of light classical programming, XLNC1 strives to make music accessible and enjoyable for our listeners. We provide an uninterrupted service to the community because we believe that this music is for everyone.

Do you like what we’re playing? Do you have a suggestion for other ways we could serve you better?
XLNC1 wants to hear from you!

  • Martha Barba
  • Jessica Diaz
    Executive Director / Social Media

    Francheska Avila
    Business Administrator

  • Pete Colonelli

  • Jesús Abel Quintero
    Programming and Production Director

  • Raymundo Martinez
    Chief Engineer
  • Jesús Abel Quintero
    IT Manager