Why Partner with XLNC1 104.9FM

XLNC1 reaches individuals at work, in the car, at home and online. XLNC1's proven ‘Halo Effect’ extends to our sponsors & underwriters as its responsive and loyal listeners support the sponsors who show their support for the arts by supporting their favorite station.

At XLNC1, we address your comprehensive marketing needs.

XLNC1 is more than just a radio station; we will work with you to design a program that fits your specific needs. Your opportunities include on-air, online options such as streaming, banner ads & ticket giveaways. If you want to connect with our passionate Southern California audience, we have programs that can provide VIP receptions at targeted venues and events to address specific promotional goals and business needs.

Let us partner with you on your marketing and promotion.

Our responsive listeners and visitors of our web site are eager to find out about your business.

You will also discover that your presence on the air is not as costly as you might imagine.
The rate for a 30 second spot is $25.00 dlls.

For more information contact our representative
Pete Colonelli at:

(858) 663-8039
Email: pete@xlnc1.org